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To Whom It May Concern:

I would appreciate it if a supervisor or an administrator reads this in order to prevent it from happening to anyone else. I have spent hours trying to fix the problem and I have done the best I could.

No one should be expected to deal with something like this. And by the way, I made two reservations in case I had a problem with one. But I have had a problem with both for the same reason. So I am going with Avis.

Itinerary #7480739620771.

When I made the reservation through Travelocity I was allowed to rent a car from Aukland Airport with a return to Christchurch Airport. It was all one reservation and it looked good to go. I then made ferry reservations from Wellington to Picton because there is no other way to bring a car from Aukland to Christchurch except by ferry. But when I was researching which ferry to take (because there are two companies to choose from) I ran across an article which said some car rentals are not allowed to cross-and Avis is one of them.

But this did not make sense to me because I had a reservation to return my car in Christchurch. There is nothing in my Travelocity reservation under Restrictions which says anything about not taking the car on the ferry-no mention of dropping the car off and picking up another one on the other side. I called Travelocity and was told to read the fine print-which did not say anything about this situation at all. I was then told it was not their fault because Avis allowed the reservation to go through.

This did not make sense to me because Travelocity did the booking and was responsible for accuracy. The person (Nick) was nice and said he would work on it but in the meantime I was told to call Aukland Avis and have them work on it also. When I called Aukland Avis I spoke with several different people all of whom told me that there was supposed to be two reservation numbers-one to drop off in Wellington and one to pick up in Picton. And I was told that I would have to pay extra for these services and that there was now no car available in Aukland due to these changes and that I would have to rent a van and pay for the extra charge-I had reserved a compact car.

I explained that none of this was my fault and that I was being given unnecessary consequences for something I had nothing to do with. The Avis rep agreed and told me she would do what she could and I gave her all of my information regarding when I would be crossing etc. She told me she would call me back in an hour and after waiting about three hours I called Avis International in Aukland and found out that a second reservation number has been generated and that in order for this all to work this is what I have to do: And let me explain something-since we are not taking the car on the ferry, it is much cheaper and quicker to fly to Picton which I informed Avis we would be doing (on the morning of Nov. 13, 2019) because again-my plans have had to be changed because of this car situation.

So Avis will not allow me to drop the car off at the Wellington Airport and pick one up at the Picton Airport. What I have to do is drop the car off at the Avis office at the Interisland Ferry in Wellington and then I have to get to the Aukland Airport in order to fly to Picton. Then when I land at the Picton Airport I have to get to the Avis office at the Picton Ferry and pick up my rental there.This running around seems ridiculous but Avis said this is what needs to be done in order for me to have the cars.

From what I understand, Avis will not be charging me for the drop off and pick up and they say that they will have compact cars for me both in Aukland and Picton. I am hoping this works and I would appreciate a response from Travelocity regarding the total inconvenience this has caused me as well as so much time required to fix the problem.

Thank you,

Lisa Hight

Please note-I have tried several email addresses for Travelocity and none of them work.

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