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We went over car rental and reported the scratch on our rental agreement but when we had to return the rental in Kitchener the manager made my son go to police station and report the tiny scratch that even the police said your being ripped off that it's so tiny but manager wouldn't let my son leave till he did this. He said he has to get to his job in Calgary or he would loose his job and manager wouldn't let him leave unless his dad flys down and drives it back to Calgary or they would charge us $4100 and so my spouse had to leave his job and fly down to Kitchener to deal with the rental company.

The manager wouldn't let him leave till he paid another $500 for the tiny scratch and wouldn't even budge when my spouse said we mentioned the scratch when we first picked up rental. The manager wouldn't believe us and was so rude to my family and we were told when we returned rental to Calgary we would get the first $500 back (we paid this when we first rented car) but we got run around and didn't get money back. So I reported it to BBB Kitchener and they wouldn't help much cause this rental company isn't registered with BBB SO WE GOT OVER CHARGED FOR A RENTAL that shouldn't have cost any more then a week rental and we paid all total with airfares and 4 days lose of wages $2500. No one should ever have to go through what we did.

They don't stand behind what they so proudly advertise that their no. 1 in customer care and won't let you return vehicle like say Avis who lets you if you decide to only go one way return their rental at any other Avis car rental station. They also don't believe you when in Calgary we reported the scratch before we took vehicle and the location in Calgary wouldn't stand behind us in Kitchener and the manager Mark didn't believe us or even care. They just want to squeeze every dime out of their customers.

So please don't anyone else go through what we did. It's a hopeless situation and caused me do much stress and that after just having major surgery which now has to be redone cause I've not healed right cause I've been so so stressed ever since June and I had told the BBB THAT ALSO AND THAT COMPANY TOO. it's like no one cares anymore just money money money makes the world go around. Boy times have changed now you really have to be careful what company to use even if they boost that their an outstanding company.

Be aware and that's why I thought BBB COULD LET OTHERS KNOW BUT they won't cause they believe the dishonest company and closed my file cause company said to when I said keep it open so other consumers could see what we went through. Thank you for reading my worst experience ever with a car rental co.

Product or Service Mentioned: Travelocity Car Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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