Springfield, Kentucky
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I booked with Travelocity in June, 2011, got my conf. e-mail, departure date was correct, didn't pay attention to return date, (my mistake).

On the day I was to leave I noticed my return date was 8 months later. I called and Travelocity would only change the ticket if I paid $180.00, plus $30.00, plus additional $600.00 extra price on the ticket.

I will never ever use Travelocity again, they are thugs. I had a terrible time trying to understand the representative when I called, but I got that they were going to charge me more money, for what I believe to be their mistake.

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It sounds like it was your mistake.

But yes, those travel websites are jerks when a mistake is made, which is why you have to be really careful when using those sites.

As far as they're concerned, the transaction is finalized as soon as you agree to the terms.

They have no interest in correction mistakes, especially ones that the customer makes.

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