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Travelocity was running a deal on discounted Disney World tickets on their website, I bought them, now I wish I hadn't. I got my confirmation email from them with my trip ID code and everything...

everything seemed fine. Fast-forward a few months later, the vacation is a week away, and I'm gathering together all of the confirmation codes and such to be prepared for our trip. I go on Travelocity's website, enter in our information... no record of our trip.

I try calling them, and the customer service people were clueless. They had no record of our trip either, despite the fact that I had already been charged over two thousand dollars on my credit card.

After being given the typical ***-poor customer service runaround, I talked to the 4th customer service rep who finally was able to pull up our reservation, and it turned out that trip ID code they gave us in the confirmation email was incorrect.

When you're dealing with this amount of money, do yourself a favor and book directly with the company. It's just not worth the risk, nor the level of stress I had to deal with.

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Thanks for sharing! You called it "the typical ***-poor customer service", but I think Travelocity's customer service is the worst I've ever encountered in any industry.

That makes it especially awful as customer service when one is travelling can be a very urgent matter! I'm glad they eventually found your reservation. I was emailed a confirmation number for the hotel part of a travel package, and no such reservation was ever placed with the actual hotel.

Even after I called Travelocity to tell them that in advance, and they assured me they had fixed it, I arrived to a full hotel with NO booking. So much for Travelocity confirmations....

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