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Not only did Travelocity lie to me, but they gave me a complete run-around with no intention of giving me a refund, which was a result in their own error to begin with.

Let's start at the beginning ...

I went on the Travelocity website to book a flight. Everything was going smoothly until the last page where it said "click to confirm". I was then directed back to the homepage without a trip ID number, confirmation of my booking, or email about my trip. I then realized that Travelocity had charged my credit card for both the airline tickets and the protection plan (roughly $600.00), but I had no booked trip. I called Travelocity and asked how I could get my trip information, where I was then told that they could see where my credit card was charged, but because of a site error, my trip was not successfully booked. Because of this, the woman on the phone stated that she would refund my bank account in full, as the issue was not a result of my error. Once we completely talking, she said my account would be refunded within 5 days. I asked how it was fair that I now had to wait for them to process their own mistake, instead of getting an immediate refund by simply calling my bank personally and explaining the situation with reference numbers. After arguing with the rep for a few minutes, she finally agreed to contact my bank on a three-way conference call. Once on the phone with my bank, a rep told the Travelocity rep that he could drop one charge immediately and then drop the other charge within 24 hours, as long as Travelocity called back at that time to do so (amazing how that works!), so the larger amount (the airline charge) was refunded to me immediately, and the Travelocity rep then stated she would make sure the other charge (the Travelocity charge) was dropped from my account withing 24 hours. Satisfied for the time being, I stubbornly thanked her and ended the call.

48 hours later, my bank account has still not been refunded. I then placed a phone call back to Travelocity, re-explained the situation with a manager, who then explained to me that it takes 24-48 hours to hit my bank account. Well that's nice lady, seeing how it's already been 48 hours. After explaining about calling my bank, she then stated that she would do so personally, as the other rep did, and have the charges dropped. About 10 minutes later on hold, she finally comes back on the phone explaining that she spoke with a rep from my bank who said the transaction had already been processed and would be in my account within 24 hours. Pissed off, I hung up and called my bank, where a rep then confirmed that there was actually no transaction in progress through their system.

Giving myself some time to blow off steam, I waited another 24 hours, and surprise surprise, the refund was still not back in my account. I called Travelocity once again, asked to immediately speak with a manager, explaining that this was the third time I've called in 4 days about the same problem. After waiting on hold for 28 minutes, my call was "disconnected", and I never received a return phone call, even though I was asked for my number in case of disconnection. An hour later I called back once again. This time I was on hold for about 10 minutes. I spoke with a different manager, who once again did the same exact thing by claiming to call my bank account, only to come back on the line another 10 minutes later, stating the funds would be back in my account within 24 hours. At this point I am absolutely livid. This was the third time I was given this word, which had not been followed through upon.

Another 24 hours later, can you guess? Yup, still no refund. Here I am again calling Travelocity, after contacting my bank to make sure the transaction was still not in progress. I asked to speak with the manager I spoke with before (by name), and was told they could not disclose that information. I asked for the manager I spoke with before that (again, by name), and the manager before that. Finally the rep admitted that each time a call is placed it goes to a different agency, therefor the chances of speaking with the same manager is slim to none. WOW! So, I speak with once again, a different manager. Same thing. Claims that she will call my bank and have the funds immediately dropped. But this time, instead of allowing Travelocity to put me on hold while they "contact my bank", I told the manager that I would call my bank on a three-way call myself, and we could both speak to a bank rep together. And oh my god! When I called and made sure the call actually went through, the funds were immediately put back into my account on the spot, with no problem or "24 hour" run-around. The bank rep also confirmed that this was the first time someone from the Travelocity agency had contacted them regarding this information.

It just goes to show that Travelocity lied and had no intention of refunding my money, and if it weren't for me being persistent and taking matters into my own hands, I probably would have gotten the same explanation every time I called, and never got the money back that was not my fault to begin with. What amazes me even more, is that when I came here to this website to write a complaint, I could not believe how many of the same stories from Travelocity that are on here regarding refund issues.

That travel agency is a complete joke and waste of money. Complete scam that takes your money with no intention of any refunds they promise. Thank god I had bought the protection plan! Lord knows what would have happened if I didn't. That was my first time ever attempting to book through Travelocity, and I can guarantee you that I will NEVER book with them again, and every time I see or hear of someone going to book through them, I will strongly urge them to go through someone else.

Review about: Travelocity Flight Booking.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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