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I placed reservations for 2 nights at a hotel with Travelocity. The amount I was charged on my credit card did not match the confirmation price nor the receipt from the hotel (the difference was $52.42).

When I contacted Travelocity the service rep tried to tell me that the price of the hotel changed. I informed him that I had a receipt for the original agreed amount and that was all I agreed to pay. He told me "I'm so sorry, I will send you a $50 voucher for a future trip." I told him that I would not accept that and that I would file complaints with the hotel, my credit card company and with his supervisor (like that would do me any good).

I only agreed to the original price provided my Travelocity and the hotel. He then tried to tell me that he would issue the refund, but go ahead and pay the charged amount. It would take about 40 days to process. I then informed him that they charged my credit card immediately, and they would credit my credit card immediately. He then said he would process the credit and it would take 10-14 days to process.

After hanging up with him, I contacted the hotel. They did not have any additional charges, and said my original price was what they charged. I also contacted my credit card company to make them aware of the situation. I plan to check back in 7 days to see if a credit has been issued, and if not, I will file a dispute.

Travelocity is an unethical company and will try to scam their customers. The way they conducted business with me was deceitful and they tried to take more money from me than what was agreed upon. That is stealing.

I would suggest using their website for searching for a hotel, then call the hotel directly. I will never use Travelocity again.

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