Last year, my wife and I planned to travel from ATL to DEN to see U2 in concert.We booked travel through travelocity on May 11, 2010.

The concert was canceled, so we canceled our flight in hopes of re-booking when the concert was rescheduled, understanding we would lose some money. We were informed by Travelocity that of the $508.80 for two tickets. Frontier Airlines charged $200 for cancellation and then Travelocity took $54.40 with no explanation leaving us half of our money for a credit. The concert was rescheduled for May 21,2011.

We called back in early March 2011 to rebook our tickets and were told that we had a credit of $254.40 which must be used with Frontier Airlines and Travelocity would charge us $130 per ticket to rebook our flight, which means we would be paying travelocity $6.60 for the privilege of taking all of our money. We called back several days later deciding that we would just rebook one ticket. The customer service agent told us that the rebooking fee would be $180 for one ticket. I questioned him about this based on our previous call.

He came back after being put on hold and told me it would be $130 to rebook a single ticket. I told him the dates I would like to travel. He came back and told me that because my travel dates are after May 11, I could not use my credit because it was over one year after my initial booking. We call back again on May 5th, in attempts to get Travelocity to refund our credit.

Travelocity contacted Frontier Airlines; said that our money is with Frontier Airlines and they could not offer a credit, but that they would call Frontier Airlines to attempt to get a refund.

According to Travelocity/Frontier Airlines, we could rebook a flight prior to May 11, 2011 to fly any time, but under no circumstances would they give us a refund.Also, we wasted over a two hours-twenty five minutes on hold for three phone calls to Travelocity customer service.

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