In January 2012 I was provided the "wrong" information by a Travelocity's customer service agent when changing the dates on my flight travels . The agent told me that there would be a host of fees to change the date, but she informed me that if I was to cancel the trip, there will be no fees, and I will be issued a credit that I have up to a year to use. So of course I decided to cancel the trip and use the credit later since I travel frequently anyway.

A month later I called Travelocity to claim my credit and was told by an agent in order to use my credit I would be charged $150.00 for changing the original travel date, plus a Travelocity "over the phone" booking fee of $30.00. It was complete nonsense to me so I hung up and called back. Another agent told me that I didn't have to pay a $30 Travelocity booking fee because I was not a new client booking a new reservation, I was an existing customer with a credit who "has" to call in to claim a credit. So within a 4 minute time span I had two different agents tell me two different things. I was then transferred so many times I lost count ( a 4 hour ordeal). I've spoke to rude Supervisors and powerless Supervisors, none in which listened to my situation, but rather very dryly recited "company policies" like a robot warn down with repetition.

I demanded that my original January call recording be reviewed and investigated ASAP to bring this matter to and end (note: Not one agent made this suggestion). I provided the agent's name, the date and time of which I called. Travelocity said they would investigate that recorded call, and if the agent was in deed distributing incorrect information, then Travelocity would take care of the situation.

24 hours later Travelocity contacts me to inform me that my January conversation was "unfortunately" not recorded, and to email Travelocity "compliant dep." if I'm not satisfied.

In the end, Travelocity denied my issue, and kept my money/ credit that I can only use by paying them more money.

Travelocity customer service is a complete joke. Just go thru the actual airline or airline website for your traveling plans, cut out the obnoxious and useless "middle man". The customer service dept. will tell you anything to take your money, and will give you the run-a-round to unjustly explain why they are going to keep your money. This business practice should be illegal!!!!

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Boise, Idaho, United States #718086

Just found out the hard way - very pleasant customer service reps but obviously they work off of different fares than I was getting up on computer. Their quotes were at least 200 more than airfares I could see on my computer site.

Would have cost me more for the rebooking even after credit applied than if I booked whole new flights! So pretty much lost money.


I have just experienced the same issue with you today and lost $750 for that cheating company. Never deal with them again!


***. Liars *** idiots morans no customer service at all lets all report tozzz :zzz 8) BBB and airlines.

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