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From June 6th to 9th 2019, myself and my 3 friends took a trip to Puerto Vallarta, MX. We booked our flight and accommodations with Travelocity on May 7th 2019.

When we arrived to the resort, Villa de Palmar Flamingos Beach Resort and Spa, on June 6th, 2019 and was told we did not book an all-inclusive room, when in fact on our itinerary it says all inclusive. The resort mentioned we could buy the all-inclusive amenities for $99 per person per night, which would equal $1,188 for 4 people. We could not solve the issue with the hotel because we booked everything with Travelocity. So we spent over 6 hours on the phone and spoke to over 15 agents and managers over the course of 2 days even 2 corporate office customer service managers.

Every single agent and manger refused to take responsibility that Travelocity had incorrectly advertised on their website and would not rectify the situation even though we not only had evidence on our itinerary saying "all-inclusive", the hotel details literally saying that it is all-inclusive (meals and beverages included) and what it is included as well as screenshots of the website saying that the hotel and rooms are "All-Inclusive" with no other options to choose a non-inclusive room. The website also does say that this particular resort has all meals included. Also, the resort is listed under all-inclusive hotels on Travelocity's website. We suggested doing a screen share, skype, or webex to show what we see from our computer screen as a customer when trying to book and was refused and told that no one could do that, which is false.

IT could've intervened. We were told by one of the corporate manager that we should've called the resort ourselves before booking also was ignorantly mocked as if we didn't know what all-inclusive means. How does that make sense when we are using your service to book and information should already be accurate?! The toll-free lines are all recorded and we had 1 agents out of 15 actually say “the website doesn’t show whether the rooms re non-inclusive or all-inclusive but the resort does say all-inclusive”.

Confirming that we were correct and that a customer would assume that they are receiving an all-inclusive package. Travelocity then lied and stated that none of those conversations were recorded to save themselves. Still, currently on the Travelocity website our exact resort, Villa de Palmar Flamingos Beach Resort and Spa, does not specifically say which rooms are all inclusive and which are not. It just says the resort is all inclusive and shows rooms.

Travelocity is advertising rooms that the hotel clearly says is wrong. Due to the disconnect between the resort and Travelocity, we should be refunded our money.

We booked with Travelocity only because this resort was all-inclusive, if we weren’t going to get what was advertised we would’ve booked elsewhere. Travelocity is a scam, use another service

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2637.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

  • Hotelscam
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