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I recently had to book a flight at the last minute because my mother was ill. I had my boarding pass and was all set to take my flight.

At the last minute, I decided to see if I could change my return flight. I called travelocity to see about making this change. I was fully prepared to pay for the change fee, however, the travelocity agent said since I had booked the flight within 24 hours, I could make a change without being charged be he needed to call American Airlines to make sure. I was on hold about 45 minutes and he returned to the phone and said he could not change the return flight, but that he could cancel the entire flight and rebook because it was within 24 hours and I would not be charged.

I said that was fine, but I was in line to board my flight so I need to make sure that the boarding pass I had would work. He assured me that it would. He then asked if I needed him to change the car rental to to reflect the change, and I said yes that would be great. He said he would take care of that, but that I should remain on hold until he could confirm that the change could be made.

Again, I was placed on hold. At this point my group boarding number was called and I went to the gate agent to scan my boarding pass. It was rejected and stated that I needed a new boarding pass. I of course was a little put out since I had specifically asked this question, but nonetheless, I left the line and went to get a boarding pass.

After about 10-15 minutes of clicking on the computer, the agent told me that I could not get a boarding pass because my ticket had been cancelled. I was still on hold with travelocity (another lengthly hold I might add) and the agent told me they would have to close the gate and that I would not be able to make the flight. The flight left without me. When the agent came back on line, he said he thought he could do what we had discussed, but that the time to rebook me a seat on that flight closed.

He didn't bother to tell me this until after my flight had taken off. The best he could do for me is to book me on a red eye out late that night that would get me in to my destination mid day the next day. At this point I took matters into my own hands and used a more trustworthy provider for my ticket. As you will see below, I spent 57 minutes on hold later trying to get a hold of a supervisor to discuss my experience.


I have probably booked over a 1,000 flights, untold number of hotels and rental cars through travelocity over the years. I have had service problems in the past, but this was unconscionable.

Review about: Travelocity Flight Booking.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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