Milpitas, California
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We booked a multi-city trip for the holidays, but two days after booking had to change the travel date for the final flights. Their website just gave errors when any change was attempted, so we called and they manually changed it, but they did the ticketing wrong which we found out when we couldn't check-in online.

We spent over 6 hours on the phone, just hours before departure, trying to fix it, all the while unsure if we would even be able to fly. After 3 calls and escalating during each, a manager finally succeeded, but after we got home found out we were charged hundreds of dollars for the difference in the ticket price between the original ticketing date and the date when they fixed it - these unauthorized charges overdrafted our bank account. Another 4 hours on the phone and the best the representatives would do was refund the last obviously invalid charge, but they kept phrasing any refund as a concession and gift, implying Travelocity did nothing wrong in the ticketing, and said it was only the airline's "claim" that the ticket was wrong.

They implied the problems must have been our fault, and they refused to compensate us for the overdraft fees the charges caused. It didn't help that of the 13 (yes, 13) agents we spoke to during a total of 6 calls, only two could speak English decently, and we had to ask them to repeat half of what they said.

Product or Service Mentioned: Travelocity Customer Care.

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