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ALWAYS use a credit card when dealing with Travelocity! You have 60 days to file a dispute claim with your credit card company. The minute you have an issue file a claim with your credit card company!!

They love to use up that 60 days with "could you send the documents again" (sent and emailed 3 times). They are very nice and make you feel like someone is working on this refund. As soon as I filed a claim with my credit card company (after 5 weeks of getting the run around) I called Travelocity and told them. The guy says "you filed a claim?! Let me call you back in 15 min." Sure enough, he called and told me a refund had been

issued. It showed up on my statement 5 days later.

The backbone of their company is credit cards and they can't afford to damage their relationship with the credit card companies. I firmly believe they're goal is to use up the 60 days so that you now have no recourse with your credit card company!!

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Will that work with a debit card as well as a credit card. I have debit with Master card?


Travelocity agents are LIARS. I called multiple times to get my refund for unused hotel.

After the first follow up, a supervisor spoke to me saying they'll send me an email in 24 hrs and the refund process will take 5-7 days...Nothing came. I followed up again with a different answer from another agent. 3rd follow up, agent says they're processing. 4th time: Agent says call in 4-5 days.

5th time, agent says, she's sending me a copy of the refund request she sent to the billing dept, I said don't hang up to ensure I get the email she said she is sending me (she even spelled out my email address). We both waited and no email came and she changed her statement saying, the billing dept will send me an email. I pointed out how Travelocity agents deals deceitfully with customers on the other line and told her they are LIARS, making us believe that they're sending us copy so that after the customer hangs up, customer keeps waiting for nothing! Gotcha!

You know what she sent me? 7 emails which are copies of my itinerary...NOTHING abt the refund request she said she's going to send me.

And then she hung up on me. After this it dawned on me to call my credit card who said they'll deal with the dispute...They're on my side...Let's see, I can't wait to get my refund.


From: Greg Seago To: ""

Sent: Monday, March 5, 2012 10:14 AM

Subject: Re: Reimbursement for a cancelled flight URGENT

I feel the need to reach out to you again...

I have not received a reply to my mail to request my refund. I was instructed to contact Bestfare through this method by your customer service rep.

I am connecting with you to expedite my reimbursement in the amount of $1202.80.

This has not been a good experience. My expectation, I should hear from you as I would from any professional organization.


Greg Seago

From: Greg Seago

To: ""

Sent: Thursday, March 1, 2012 3:48 PM

Subject: Reimbursement for a cancelled flight


I am connecting with you to get my money reimbursed in the amount of $1202.80.

I personally found & booked on-line round trip tickets with jetblue to go from Oakland CA to Washington DC/Dulles (see itinerary below)

My wife had another emergency spinal surgery and we could not make this flight.

My original request was to change the dates for another time.

My first point of contact was to connect with jetblue directly.

Jetblue informed me they could not help me because the tickets were purchased from a third party vendor.

I then followed up with calls into Bestfares, when I was ask questions to identify myself.

I was told they could not verify that I was not giving the correct information....over and over.

The questions were what is your emails address? (the same email you are reading this complaint)

I was told my email was not correct. (over and over)

The other question is what is your credit card number?

I was told repeatedly, the credit card numbers I offered were not correct. (I only have two credit cards and gave both cards numbers)

I sent emails below to the return emails below to cancel my flight. (SEE EMAILS BELOW)

I felt I used all my options were not being given proper customer service or responded to properly.

I contact American Express to explain what I had done to stop payment.

I was concerned of being conned by an Internet site.

Now, I am being charged again....

It is a matter of principle: This is wrong to expect anyone to pay for a flight NOT used when the attempts and efforts were made to ask for a date change.

I seriously doubt the jetblue had an empty seat on this flight during the Christmas Holidays.

It is my opinion: Your Representative refused to work with me, she kept telling me I did not have the correct information over and over.


These are difficult economic times and I do not have money to waste.

Forwarding address for the check:

Greg Seago




Flight: 2 Round-Trip Tickets

All flight times are local to each city.


For your boarding pass, use reference code ELGXGP for online or airport checkin.

Thu, Dec 22, 2011

Oakland International Airport, (OAK) to Washington Dulles International Airport, (IAD)

Flight: JetBlue Airways Flight 318 (on Airbus A320-100/200)

Depart: 11:55 PM, Oakland, CA (OAK)

Arrive: 07:51 AM, Next day Washington, DC (IAD)

Special Services: WCHR

Total Travel Time: 4 hrs 56 mins


For your boarding pass, use reference code ELGXGP for online or airport checkin.

Fri, Dec 30, 2011

Washington Dulles International Airport, (IAD) to Oakland International Airport, (OAK)

Flight: JetBlue Airways Flight 317 (on Airbus A320-100/200)

Depart: 08:08 PM, Washington, DC (IAD)

Arrive: 11:05 PM, Oakland, CA (OAK)

Special Services: WCHR

Total Travel Time: 5 hrs 57 mins


Passenger Name: Gregory Seago

Passenger Name: Dawn Seago

Dec 21, 2011

Bestfares Reservation- CANC|ELLED [Incident:111221-012151]


With - Folder: Inbox - More from Travel Reservations Center

Travel Reservations Center

Dec 21, 2011

Bestfares Reservation- CANC|ELLED [Incident:111221-012149]


With - Folder: Inbox - More from Travel Reservations Center

Greg Seago

Dec 21, 2011

Re: Bestfares Reservation- CANC|ELLED

…Bestfares, I attempt to reach you in order to cacel or change my flight. Your representitive refused to work with me....told me...have the correct information over and over. I called American Express to cancell and terminate payment. Greg Seago From: Bestfares Customer Support To: Sent: Sunday, November 13, 2011 4:58 PM Subject...…

With Bestfares Customer Support - Folder: Sent - More from Greg Seago

Bestfares Customer Support

Nov 13, 2011

Bestfares Reservation

…Dawn has made travel arrangements with Bestfares and requested that we share the itinerary with you. Please note that we do not retain your email address, so you will receive...…

Forwarding adress for the check:

Greg Seago


I booked a vacation and decided to call them to book the ticket. Having spoken to a person I was *** and didn't read the confirmation close enough. They booked me to a difference city in the state.

Taking the blame of not checking the confirmation close enough I called to change the destination, expecting a change fee + difference in airfare. After a combined time of 4.5 hours on the phone with them they won't (I say won't because I can find flights that meet their criteria on their site) change the booking because "there are no possible flights available to my destination".

Am I stuck eating the ticket and buying new ones, or is there a possible middle ground here?

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