I just got a phone call from the hotel, "when will you be checking in?" I informed them that I did not make a reservation. I checked availability.

I did not make a reservation. So the desk clerk, who, btw was very nice and I also apologized for any erroneous reservation. She did inform me to call Expedia and tell them it was ok to cancel my reservation, so I called, Expedia told me it was Travelocity. Ended up speaking to a supervisor named Judy, who put me on hold and never got back to me.

So I called the hotel again to tell her, again she was very nice, it was during this phone call that this Judy person called me back, did not give me a number to call her back, and the number she called from was not a number that accepted calls. I call Expedia again, spoke with Barry, he transferred me again to Travelocity, and also gave me the phone # for Travelocity. I spoke to another person and explained it all again, I asked not to have to explain it yet one more time. I explained it again to her, and demanded (admittedly in an unpolite manner) to speak with a supervisor.

She wanted to verify AGAIN my e-mail, etc...Long story short, 1 1/2 hours of the only night I get off in the week and I am waiting for the supervisor to call me back. I have a $224 charge on my credit card and nothing to show for it, I was not even awake during the time they say I made the reservation. Again, I did check availability. It is very very frustrating.

I am going to have to call my bank and cancel my debit card and report a charge that was not mine.

I will NEVER ever ever ever go on a travel website to check availability again. It is also absurd that I would have authorized a charge to card, as I have gift card from the Hotel itself.

Product or Service Mentioned: Travelocity Room Booking.

Store Location: Klamath Falls, Oregon

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