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I booked hotel reservations with travelocity for a driving trip between Georgia and Ohio. For the hotel stay going up, everything seemed fine. Later I realized I had been charged twice for that stay!

Secondly on the return trip we had a family emergency and needed to cancel the reservation. After much run around we were told that if the hotel was ok with a refund then I would receive one. The hotel agreed but I have yet to receive the refund from Travelocity, even though they have been refunded from the hotel. Secondly, the double charge will only be fixed if I fax them the credit card statement and even then they won't guarantee the refund.

I spent more time on hold than receiving help and could hardly understand the person I was speaking to. Don't use them, it isn't worth the hassel. I have filed disputes with my bank since I can't get any help from Travelocity. Best wishes!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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After booking a trip for my husband and I, my husband called Travelocity Customer Service to cancel his flight. He verified that he could cancel just his flight without the entire trip being canceled.

The Cust. Serv. Rep told him that could be done. Then the rep canceled the entire trip, including my flight.

I was never notified my flight had been canceled, even though I was the one who booked it and I booked it through my Travelocity account. It was only by a total fluke did I discovered it. I heard the entire conversation with my husband and their customer service, yet when I called Cust. Serv.

they refused to believe my version of what happened because the person who took care of the initial request didn't record the conversation and wrote down the request wrong. It took over an hour, talking to a Cust. Serv rep and a supervisor and I was never able to resolve the issue and get my ticket reinstated. I was repeatedly told they did not believe me and that I would have to pay a $250 rebooking fee.

After that call, I called Delta. They told me there was no rebooking fee and reinstated my ticket immediately, before the 3 minute call was over.

Although I have used Travelocity exclusively for years for all my business and personal travel, this experience of their unwillingness to believe me, work out a win/win solution, and their "there is nothing I can do attitude," I no longer want to do any business with them. Others should use caution, too, especially when booking travel for more than one person.


I call it the "outsource accent'




their customer telephone "service" operator have a heavy accent, are difficult to understand, and quote legalistic BS when you try to get some help for a genuine mistake.

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