Booked trip to Phillipines $3,100 through Travelocity, airline Cathay Pacific.

Cathay Pacific canceled the flight due to travel restrictions. Cathay Pacific emailed me saying I can get a refund, but because I booked through Travelocity I would get it through them.

Travelocity says they only offer refund/credit based on what the airline offers.

I got an email from Travelocity saying they are giving me a credit, and only for rebooking through Cathay Pacific.

They said this is what the airline offers which is not true.

Navigating every possible option in their phone system will not get me to a person. When I enter the itinerary #, which is required or it hangs up, it tells me my flight is cancelled and take me back to the main menu with no agent option. Even when I select billing questions.

Likewise for my Travel Insurance, which is not-applicable due to the canceled flight. Can't insure a flight that does not exist.

Went dark on this one too. No mention of refund, credit, nothing! Cant get ahold of anyone on this either. They are hoping people will be so frustrated that they can keep the insurance money and get a refund themselves from the insurance provider.

This one needs to go to the attorney general. How much money did they take from people on travel insurance that they did not

Last time booking through Travelocity as i'm sure is everyone who had a booking. If you handled this outbreak properly your business would double when you re-opened.

But you are so stuck on trying to keep peoples money for cancelled flights for immediate cash you'll be out of business in less then a year. Don't you dare ask for taxpayer bailout, you do not deserve it.

Credit Card chargeback time.

Store Location: Tampa, Florida

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