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Be very careful if you book your car rental through Travelocity. We booked through Travelocity and the price for a Hertz rental car picked up in Naples, Italy for 2 weeks was 371.12.

The insurance was an extra $154.00. We get to Naples and go into Hertz and was told that the car & its insurance was $1,747.77. Yep, you're reading it right. See pics.

We weren't the only ones this happened to. Other people in line were outraged as well. Hertz told us that all the other car rentals were about the same price. What could we do but pay them.

Same thing happened when we rented a car (through Travelocity) in New York and was charged an extra $300 at the car rental counter.

Product or Service Mentioned: Travelocity Car Rental.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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It's not Travelocity's fault that Hertz didn't have the car you reserved. You should have stood your ground.

If you had the Panda reserved, then Hertz has to either provide the Panda or an equivalent car at the same price. You can't blame Travelocity of you let Hertz talk you into an upsell. Did you call Travelocity from the Hertz counter?

When I've had problems with reservations made through Travelocity, they have always used their clout to make the provider honor the reservation.

All the other costs are either optional costs that you agreed to (Fuel pre-payment? Who the @#$% pays that instead of bringing the car back full?) or taxes and fees that are never included.


That is the BASE cost.

Had you shown up and taken the Fiat Panda and declined any extras, that is what you would have paid.

However, you elected to have nicer car than a Panda (vehicle upsell) navigation, etc.

You honestly felt that all the extras were FREE?


They didn't have the Fiat Panda when we arrived. It was not an "upgrade" and certainly not "nicer" and it was smaller than the Panda and it was not an automatic (which I reserved).

We needed a car & had no choice but to accept the one they offered. It was the cheapest & smallest of them off. We were not the only ones pissed. Other customers in line experienced the same deception.

I get that the GPS was extra, however, it was outdated by 5 years. The major cost was the travel insurance. I have it in writing that the

car rental insurance" for May 15 - May 28 was $154 total. That wasn't what was charged.

Then there was a VAT fee of $315.17 which was never mentioned on my Travelocity confirmation. C'mon. I don't have a problem paying for some extras but to reserve a car ...with insurance....for approximately $500 (dollars) and end up paying 1,800 (IN EUROS!) is excessive. How would you feel if you planned your entire vacation, hotels all over Italy paid for (and non-refundable) and get to a car rental counter expecting to pay $500 (+GPS) and end up being charged over $1,300 ADDITIONAL.

And again, I repeat, they did NOT have the Panda Fiat and the "something similar" was $200 more! We were stuck & had to pay it. What was I to do? Tell me.

What was I to do when we already flew from LAX to Naples, hotels all over Italy paid for? Tell me, what were we to do? Other car rentals were charging the same amount. Travelocity has no business handling the reservations of car rentals in other countries.

In addition, when we rented a car (through Travelocity) to be picked up from NYC and dropped off at Pittsburgh, we were charged an additional $300 at the counter because we weren't returning the car at the same location. confirmation clearly stated that we were not returning it in the same location. Again....Travelocity should not be in the car rental business as they have no clue what all the fees are. If anything, my only mistake was using them again after the NYC incident.

Never again. I will book directly with the car rental place.


What was included in your intial quote for the car rental from Travelocity?


I just checked on Travelocity for Naples, and it showed the pretty much the same cost.

THEN, it lists extras (as in extra cost) which are not included in the initial quote.

Therefore, the more extras you purchase, the more it costs, really simple.

Answer me this.

A Dealer has a car advertised for a price of say, $16,000 plus taxes and fees.

You purchase window tint, extended warranty, undercoating, tire and rim protection, etc. You would then complain you were not sold the car for the advertised price? Same thing with your rental car, you purchased extras which cost extra!

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