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Alaska/Horizon airlines changed flight time but will not give a refund.I booked a flight through Travelocity- (and by the way, in my opinion, after today, Travelocity's guarantee isn't worth a plug nickel!

They say they'll help you make your travel plans right if something goes awry, but it isn't true. They only follow the airline's policies. I will never book through them again.)In any case, what a scam the airlines have got going on. They have a scheme-they do not have to give you a refund if they reschedule your trip within an hour.

"Scheduled" is the key word- never mind what time the flight will actually leave! but as long as it is "scheduled" within an hour, they will not give you a refund. I spoke with Tonya at Alaska/Horizon. I asked her what is a traveler whose flight plans have changed, through no fault of their own, supposed to do.

She says that "It is in our contract that we don't have to give a refund if the change is less than an hour." So basically, too bad for you travler, we've already got your money. I kept at it and eventually Tonya put me on hold. She came back and stated, "I am sorry for the misinformation you were given. You do qualify for a refund.

It's travel that is 59 minutes or less that does not qualify for a refund." And of course, the refund takes days to accomplish because it has to go through their accounting department. Pitiful.

Note to travelers: The airlines don't give a cheap pack of roasted peanuts about you. Sites like Travelocity care even less.

(The men I spoke to from Travelocity were in India and they were no help at all.Sheesh!)

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