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I booked a business trip through Travelocity that I had to postpone. I knew there would be steep penalties to make changes as I've done this before. This time I was told they would send a credit voucher and I would be charged $24.99 for the shipping cost (it came to me via US mail with a regular postage stamp) about 1 week later. The original price of my ticket was $687, but after Travelocity deducted their fees, the shipping cost, the presumed American Airline change fees, etc. my credit voucher totaled $187.

Three days later I was ready to book a new flight. I called Travelocity. After the required 1 hour of talking to one department, holding, being transferred, holding some more, they finally had my new itinerary set up but then told me I had to overnight the voucher to them before they can finalize my flight (and the fare wouldn't be guaranteed until that was done). I asked why they would charge me to send the voucher to me then make me pay another $20 to overnight the voucher back to them. They only responded that they must have the voucher in hand in order to process my flight. I asked for any other options and was told that I can go tot eh AA counter at my local airport and have them process my flight.

After driving 40 minutes to the airport, paying $18 to park, and standing in line for close to two hours to speak with the AA representative, I gave her my flight details and she processed my itinerary. I then handed her the voucher, since Travelocity made it clear I had to render it to them, and she asked me what I wanted her to do with it. I explained I was told to hand it over so she took it and gave me my new itinerary.

A few days later I was reconciling my business credit card on line when I saw the charge from American Airlines for the full amount of the ticket price - my $187 credit was not applied.

So I called Travelocity to explain what happened. They called AA and they were initially unable to locate the voucher and told me that my credit couldn't be applied until they had the voucher. After approximately 2 hours and several reps/supervisors, the voucher was finally located and I was told they will credit my card $187.

So, after approximately 8 hours total between phone calls, driving, standing in line - they were able to immediately apply me credit with the push of a button. I asked why they would think it necessary to put their customers through such a hassle and why, if they had the ability all that time, would they make me jump through so many hoops, waste so much of my time and cost me so much to simply change my business travel date and they had no reply.

For anyone who's used their service, you are already familiar with the average 2 hours it takes to speak with one of Travelocity's reps but if you ever need to change a flight, please insist they just apply your available credit to your next flight if they mention they will be sending a voucher. Or, better yet, use Expedia.

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