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I was looking to book a vacation for my family and I so I started searching Travel Agencies. Afetr a while I went to Travelocities web site and entered the dates I wanted to travel anytime in June or July.

I entered the length of cruise I wanted 7-10 days and the number, ages of people I would be traveling with, and the area I'd like to cruise (Carribean). The search returned a page that showed all the information I entered and two choices. One choice was around 800 dollars and the other was around 450 on a different ship.

I was excited by the opportunity to book an affordable cruise so I called immediately to book the 450 dollar cruise to find that the price was not available on the dates I wanted to travel and that my price was to be around 1500 dollars a person. I will never book with Travelocity ever again.

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Beware of BAIT & SWITCH. We purchased plane tickets today from a little under $200 cheaper than

Travelocity would raise their price at the last second, before you could complete the transaction. After clearing our cache and trying it again (and even using another computer), would jack up the price at the last minute. They stated that the price was changed by the airline at the last second, but each time we tried to book the flight, we would get the bait price, and then it would switch to the higher price at the last second. I did some seaching on and found that this is a common issue being reported my many people lately. beat the pants off both the bait & switch prices of Never using Travelocity again.


I have spent the last three days trying to book two seperate flights on this site. Each time while confirming a nd making payment, there has been problems.

These problems have led to disconnect and reentering the same exact information only to find the rates are increased by a minimum of $30.

I spoke with representatives who said they were having temporary credit card issues, but no one has complained as to the increase of fees. :(

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