Pawling, New York

Booked a non-smoking room and paid in advance through Travelocity. On check-in received a really stinky smoking room, was told the room was not prepaid and my wife's asthma made her very sick and ruined our weekend.

Hotel would not provide us with a non-smoking room and spent over three hours on hold and speaking to customer service workers in India and "supervisors" from Travelocity who were idiots and totally useless. Told that dispite reservation stating that a non-smoking room was reserved that it was not guaranteed. There is no way I would have reserved a smoking room with my wife's health problems.

Beware, never book a hotel room through Travelocity if you want to be sure that you never receive a smoking room when staying in a hotel. Travelocity is a fraud and offers no guarantees.

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They are the W-O-R-S-T!!!!!


Yes, the "cheap travel" websites are a gamble. It's like going to a hotel directly and asking for the "run of the house" lowest rack rate: a gamble.

But if you ask nicely, and be sincere and persistent, more than likely you will be given better service. And again, that's no guarantee.

That is the down side of traveling on the cheap. But look on the bright side, you are not sleeping on a park bench.


Can I call you for some help with my problem? I can't otherwise seem to reach anyone OUTSIDE OF INDIA.


In the contract that you sign online before making the purchase it stats as much. The rooms are not guaranteed.

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