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After booking a trip to Greece in Business Class for over $7,000.00 and receiving my actual paper tickets, I received an email that my itinerary had changed. My new itinerary had put us on a flight leaving the island of Mykonos at 1:30 in the afternoon into Athens to make our connection back to NY. The only problem was that the flight for NY left Athens at noon so that wasn't going to work. After weeks and months of trying to get information from Travelocity regarding the cancellation and refund of my tickets - and continually being bounced to India where everyone can only read from the approved script, I've tracked down a number in the U.S. that will come in very handy for others frustrated with talking to India.

Call Denise at 682-606-5431.

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Call the airlines, THEY are the ones who change the flights not the website.

Beaver Island, Michigan, United States #20736

forget Denise..i called her and she was no help. Told me to call the 1-866 # in India.

Forget it...

I filed a complaint with the BBB and all of a sudden Travelocity was calling me to help me with my complaint. The BBB was so helpful!

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