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I am new at Twitter. I decided to join after your report from a couple of days ago. I recently had a bitter experience with Travelocity/Delta Airlines. I was charged $1,600.00 extra for having selected 25/11/09 instead of 25.12/09 at the time of purchasing two tickets to travel from Houston to Buenos Aires. I called 3 days after I had purchased the tickets and I spoke with several people at Travelocity who blamed Delta Airlines and when I called Delta Airlines I was told I had to deal with Travelocity.

I would greatly appreciate your suggestions.


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They took My money today off My card and no flight


jim that doesnt make it righ for th man to be charged 1600 for a dating error.If it was you it would be different !


I look on the consolidator sites such as Travelocity and then book on the cheapest airline direct. Granted they can be unreasonable too but it is so much less likely to happen.


I also have had problems with Travelocity. I will NEVER use them again.

I booked a hotel in LA (which I have never been to prior) and when I arrived at hotel (a Ramada) there were drug deals going on in the parking lot, police and ambulances went down the street with sirens at least 3 times while I sat there. I would not even get out of my rental car. I immediately called Travelocity, and they said, in a nut shell, "too bad" and would not refund any of my funds. Take note, I had booked a multiple city trip from them, and this was my last stop.

I left the hotel, went to Sunset Blvd, and got a room for less than I paid for the other, booked months in advance.



Use travelocity as starting point only with regard to hotel bookings. Over the Christmas holidays I checked with Travelocity for hotel rates and then went directly to the websites of the hotels. I saved at least 30%.


we booked airline tickets thru travel Buzz. Travel Buzz does airline tickets for carribean Cruise Lines ( Bahama Celebration vacation packages. Orlando/Fort Lauderdale,Fl)

Travel Buzz charged us $40 each for 2 tickets,but called it taxes/fees, so they could claim free travel service. This fee was ran thru credit card before actual airline ticket were purchased. TB then added $1 as travel fee.

BEWARE if vacationing ing Florida on a Carribean/Ramada prepaid vacation.

F&R of Nebraska


Aerolineas Argentinas


Next time get a travel agent. They don't cost that much, and they fix your problems for free if they make a mistake.

One time I got to the airport and realized they bought me a ticket to Portland Oregon instead of Portland Maine. The travel agent fixed it while I sat in a restaurant and relaxed and it didn't cost me a dime.


Whether you booked your ticket at Travelocity or if you booked directly with Delta, you made an error on the date and it is standard airline practice to charge a change fee plus any fare difference on the day you made the changes, if you had called to correct the error within 24 hours you probably would not have had to pay any additional amounts.

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