I will never use travelocity again.

This is why I will never use Travelocity again. In January I booked a cruise to go from Valparaiso, Chile to Santos, Brazil in March for our honeymoon. I book my fights around the same time through Travelocity. I was following the cruise ship recommendation of arranging transportation to and from the airport several weeks in advance and I found out that the flight I booked for my return fight was starting in the wrong city. My return flight goes from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (SDU) to Sao Paulo, Brazil (CGH). In Sao Paulo I switch airports to (GRU). From (GRU) we fly to Atlanta, GA (ATL) then to Detroit, MI (DTW). I booked it this way thinking that Rio was the closest airport to the last stop on my cruise. Come to find out Sao Paulo, Brazil (GRU) is the closest airport to may last stop and Rio is a 5 hour drive away. So I figure no big deal I already have the seats booked from Sao Paulo, Brazil I will just cancel the 1 hour flight from Rio to Sao Paulo and board the plane in Sao Paulo. This is where the PAIN starts. I called Travelocity to change my reservations. They told me that there would be a charge to change my flight plans. I was OK with that because I made a mistake ( I didn’t like it but…). Then they told me that I had to return the tickets so that they could change the reservation. They told me without the tickets they could not and would not check into changing the tickets until they received them. Not having any other option I sent them the tickets. This was on March 3rd. they received the tickets and called me on March 6th. After explaining what I was trying to do they told me that if they removed the 1 connecting flight on my return trip it would screw up my flight down to the Chile, because they would have to rebook the entire trip. Turns out that the fights out of Detroit on the day we leave for vacation were booked full and my fight would go to the first person on standby if I changed them. After hearing this and trying to resolve the issue I was getting no where. They told me that I had to go to a Delta counter at an airport with the tickets in my hand to get this all straightened out (no guarantees). I asked them if they could call delta and I was told no. The only way was for me to go to the counter myself. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told they were busy and they would call me back. They never called me back. I stated calling Delta about the situation and they also told me that in needed to bring the paper ticket in, to make any changes. I called Travelocity back the same night and told them to send my tickets back to me. I was told that I would have them no latter than 2 business days. That should have been Monday march 10th. I did not receive the tickets on Monday so I called them. I got the Fed Ex tracking number and found out that the tickets didn’t ship until Monday March 10th and will not be here until Wed mach 12th at 7:00pm. So I will not be able to go to the airport until the 13th (which I am going to have to *** work for). After finding this out I asked to speak with a supervisor. I was told that they were to busy and someone would call me back. I told them I wanted to speak with someone now and I was put on hold for 1 ½ hours and then I hung up and called back for a supervisor again and was put on hold for ½ hour till I spoke with someone that said she was a supervisor. I think there real job title is the sorry person. All she said to me was that she was sorry and offered to give me a $50 credit (like I am going to use Travelocity again). She also told me that I could send my complaints to consumer.relations@travelocity.com (fax 1-800-944-0005). During my conversation with the supervisor I explained to her that in order to change my flight I was responsible for paying the difference in the fairs. And that the 2 week delay that Travelocity has caused me the rates have increased. Not to mention my alternative option prices have increased. These were my options if I could not change my flight: 1. Fly from Sao Paulo to Rio to catch my flight back to Sao Paulo. (Makes a lot of sense doesn’t it) these prices have tripled in a week and a half. 2. Rent a car and drive 5 hours to Rio to catch my fight back to Sao Paulo. (makes a lot of sense doesn’t it) 3. Get off the cruise at Rio and stay the night in Rio. But this requires 1 week notice prior to the ships departure date. Which I may be able to do because the day I go to the airport to try and fix the tickets is 8 days before I leave. 4. I can’t arrange transportation to and from the cruise ship until my flight itinerary is known. This was supposed to be done by the 7th of march. Hope I can still scheduled transportation. So here I am waiting on my tickets so I can go to the airport to find out if I can change my flights. If I can’t I am screwed with only 1 week remaining till the honeymoon. I though vacation was suppose to be relaxing.
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I made reservations through Travelocity. Shortly after making the reservations I called to cancel.

The agent told me that the transaction did not go through because there is no record that I made the reservations. She told that I did not have to worry about being charged. Well guess what! I was charged for the room.

Travelocity have the worst customer relations I've ever experienced. :(


I will advise you not to used Travelocity. Please do not recommend to anyone. :(


I booked through Travelocity and the Hotel that myself and friend

stayed (St. Augustine Beachfront Resort, St.Augustine, FLorida.

It was dirty, needed outside work, and the Bathroom in our

room has *** on the toilet seat. It was not very pleasant.

We told the Management and they keep one night stay ($98.20) we never took our suitcases out of the car.

It was the week before Christmas, Friday the 13th. I guess it

was Friday the 13th for me.

I do not recommend this Hotel. From what I see is the only way

they make there money, is keeping the costumers first night, (and

never stay)


Same thing happened to me will never use TAVELOCITY AGAIN!!!


do not ever stay at days inn miami aiport north. the hotels sucks and you get treated like garbage if you are not hispanic.

i think the workers forget miami is part of the US and it is an english speaking country. they talked to me in spanish and i had to remind them i speak english not spanish.

there were no towels in the room after the maid cleaned it, the tub was clogged everyday, there was a huge wet spot on the floor by the a/c. I booked the hotel with travelocity and they were no help.


NEVER AGAIN WILL I USE TRAVELOCITY.... I booked air, hotel and car.

When I arrived to CA to pick up my car, they said I needed the credit card I used to make the reservations??? Or they would have to do a credit check on me? ARE YOU SERIOUS>> I rented from Thrifty by the way.

What a way to get your personal information. The hotel charged my credit card without telling me $50 for incedentials, but if nothing was used I would be reimbursed.


People should really read this same thing happened to me and what company doesn't carry through with anything. Sorry service could barely understand anyone and I had confirmation email number everything still the Hotel had nothing. I would count on email confirmation number or verbal confirmation with Travelocity!


I've always been told that using such sites to get airplane tickets or nights at a hotel some where spring up the prices, especially around holidays. You might as well just do all the planning and arrangements yourself.

I'd rather just spend the extra money on something like auto glass replacement in SLC.

It's a much better use, isn't it? :grin


Travelocity never did call when they said they would. Not once.

I lost the accommodations I had made in Australia because they couldn't resolve a change in the itinerary. I couldn't cancel the trip, even with trip insurance, so I'm out $1,500+.

I have a credit with an airline I can't even use. A prompt Travelocity could have changed everything.


To Whom It May Concern:

I want to report a serious concern that is obviously prevalent in your organization. The lack of professionalism and customer care in your customer service/travel agent department. On Saturday, October 20, 2012 I had a flight departing from Buffalo, NY @ 11:25 a.m. to arrive in Chicago, IL at 3:00 p.m. At about 9:00 a.m. that morning I called your customer service line to see what my options were in regards to taking a later flight that day as I felt as if I was running a little behind schedule. When I contact your customer service department and explained the situation, your agent (Jeff) suggested that I cancel my trip and rebook a new one. Going along with the suggestion of your agent, I agreed. Upon completing the transaction, your Jeff informed me that I would be charged an additional $30.00 for booking it through a customer service agent. I thought that was a little costly considering it cost me nothing to book it online. He informed me that I could book the flight online if I wanted to at no charge, which I decided I would do.

After receiving the information regarding the credit for my flight I ended my call with Jeff. I went online to look up pricing for the same exact trip, but for later on that day. I found a flight out and proceeded to check out. When I got to the point of inputting my credit card information, I couldn’t find anywhere to apply my credit that I had from my prior cancellation. So I called your customer service department again. I received a female agent this time who informed me that she would have to apply the credit for me, so in fact I would be charged the additional $30.00 fee in addition to $190.00 ($40.00 for your processing fee and $150.00 for rebooking the flight) totaling $220.00 in additional fees, not to mention the supplementary cost of my ticket.

I was instantly irritated because the agent prior did not mention any of this to me. I told the young lady I wasn’t informed of this and she said and I quote, “the agent DID inform you and it is well documented.” I told her the agent did not inform me and I don’t care what your documentation or note screen says because I am not there to review it. This went on for about 5 minutes which is a very long time to be accused of lying. It came to the point that I had to tell the young lady, that if she tells me one more time how (Jeff) informed me of these charges and how it was “well documented”; I was going to have some choice words for her. She informed me that all of their calls are recorded and all she had to do was pull the recording and verify it herself. I asked her to do it. She than told me that a supervisor would have to pull the recording and listen to it and that could take 3 weeks to do. I told her I was not going to wait 3 weeks for you or your supervisor to figure out your error. I told her, if in fact you have it recorded than I need you to listen to the recording today as I was not happy with being accused of a liar, plus this will prove what I am telling you is true. Reluctantly, she said she would and would call me back.

Approximately 15 minutes later, she called back and said, I regret to inform you but we did not record the conversation. At that point, I was truly irritated because she was so adamant about telling me how “well documented” the information was and how it was recorded and so forth and so on. I told her well, if you don’t have it recorded, than that’s your fault and I shouldn’t be held liable for your department’s inconsistencies. She told me irregardless, I would still have to pay the fee. Now mind you, this is after I canceled my ticket. I asked her if I could just reinstate my ticket because I can still make it to the airport, she said no. That once the ticket is canceled the airline is notified and there is nothing she can do. I asked to speak to a Supervisor.

Supervisor Andrew came on the phone and I tried explaining the situation all over again to him. He told me that the young lady was right and if I wanted to book the flight than I would have to pay the additional $220.00 in fees PLUS the cost of the new ticket airfare. Now keep in mind, my ticket was only $148.00. With that said, I asked him if I didn’t agree to pay the additional $30.00 fee for booking it through your agent, why would I agree to pay the additional $190.00 fee which is more than the price of my original ticket? I would have just kept my initial ticket as; economically that just doesn’t make any sense to me. I told him from a business perspective, I completely understand it as you guys are obviously in business to make money, not to keep customers happy. I paused and waited for a reply that never came. After saying hello 2 – 3 times to ensure he was still there, I than tried explaining to him that the problem here is no one was even remotely trying to see it from my perspective which I have a problem with considering this whole atrocious situation could have been alleviated if Jeff would have simply just informed me of the charges prior to canceling my trip. I asked him about the company’s policy and procedures in regards to recording the phone calls. What responsibility was he willing to take now that he knew his employees were not abiding by protocol but were holding your customers accountable to pay the cost regardless if they were informed or not? Andrew conveyed to me that this was his decision regardless of protocol and if I wanted a ticket than I needed to pay for the fees. So I asked him, even though it is obvious that you guys can’t produce any factual evidence supporting your claim that he informed me, you still are going to charge me? He said yes. At that point I asked him, as a Supervisor since you can’t provide any evidence that illustrates anything different than what I am saying, aren’t you in fact violating your own policy and procedures? He said, “NO”. I informed him that up until the point when I demanded that you guys go back and review the “supposed” recording, you told me that all of your calls are recorded. In fact the first thing it says when I call your customer service line is that, “ALL calls are recorded for quality assurance”. And since your agent didn’t record the conversation (which again would have proven my point by the way) that this is not my fault and I shouldn’t be held liable for you or your staff not abiding by the policy and procedures set forth by Travelocity.com. Thus I flat-out asked him, was he going to take responsibility for this, because his agent obviously didn’t follow protocol, he said no. So than I asked him, are you telling me that you and your staff choose when and when not to abide by your companies protocol? He said yes. Now I’m not certain if he was just tired of me asking him questions, but not only did I think that was a bit outrageous for him to say, but more importantly very unprofessional. I asked to speak to his boss.

After being disconnected and having to call back, I finally got through to Bianca. Bianca actually listened to me and was honestly the first rationale person I spoke to. She informed me that she could have the processing fee waived, but because the airline charges the booking fees, she couldn’t waive that. In fact she stated she tried calling U.S. Airways on my behalf but they would not waive the fee either. I informed here that I can understand why U.S. Airways would not waive the fee, it’s not their fault. This whole state of affairs is Travelocity’s issue and it should be Travelocity who should take responsibility and step up to the plate. She informed me that her hands were tied, but she was willing to give me a voucher for the troubles. I initially rejected the voucher because it wasn’t about me getting anything free, I just wanted my ticket and to be treated with a little more respect than I had experienced and to be heard, to be understood. She informed me that she did understand my position and she could not apologize enough for the behavior of her staff. When I asked her about Andrew’s remarks, she convinced me that she would have a hard talking with him, however I am not quite certain what that means. She also stated if I wanted to I could contact Consumer Relations which I have chosen to do.

Conclusion: My entire morning was wasted trying to get someone like Bianca to take some form of responsibility for the actions of your staff. What’s disheartening is the process I had to go through just to be heard; as it changed nothing for I still do not have my ticket and the credit that I have, will only be honored if I pay Travelocity.com $220.00 in additional fees, plus the cost of the ticket. My trepidation is the insulting accusations that I was lying and the unprofessional behavior your staff exhibited. This needs to be addressed immediately by management. For as I told Andrew, (who I’m not certain is an actual Supervisor) you should want to know what your staff is saying to your customers as I could always go to a competitor. He obviously does no understand the value of a loyal consumer base. I believe Bianca does. With that said, I sincerely doubt I will ever use Travelocity.ca as this whole situation has left a very bitter taste in my mouth. To the point I am thinking about not even taking the credit, to simply eat the cost and move on. I am seriously thinking about contacting the Better Business Bureau as well as Travelocity.com does not taking responsibility for misinforming their consumers and than have the audacity to accuse someone erroneously of receiving information that was never discussed. If this situation isn’t resolved to my satisfaction, I will also inform my personal and business travel companions to never use Travelocity.com again and ensure they know how I was treated. And by the way, we travel both domestically and internationally.

Awaiting your timely response,

Robert T. Buchanan

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Travelocity Flight Booking

Travelocity is the Pits

This is a copy of the e-mail I sent to Travelocity last night: Dear Travelocity: I am completely frustrated and furious with your service. I signed up for fare alerts in my e-mail and I received one this evening. This going to be a long e-mail and I will do my best to break this whole charade down for you point by point. 1. I received the e-mail fare alert and clicked on the $204.00 link on the e-mail that said "Albuquerque to Philadelphia" and saw wonderful prices and decided to sign up. I went through the selection process and found absolutely NOWHERE to make the reservation for two tickets, as needed. I tried backing out and coming back in, to no avail. I even tried entering the site and just going through the process that way. The prices were higher that way, which is fine. I then went back to the e-mail and clicked on the link again and tried again to buy two tickets. I got frustrated and called the 888-Travelocity phone number and went through the tedious prompts to try to get to a live customer support representative only to get a recording that said that I would be charged $25.00 for using the telephone service. I hung up without speaking to anyone. 2. I spoke to my husband and decided to book the tickets one at a time. I entered my information and chose: a. A flight from Albuquerque to Philadelphia b. There is a stopover in Dallas c. A return flight from Philadelphia to Albuquerque d. There is a stopover in Dallas 3. I chose my seats, all four of them and saw plenty of other seats. I wrote down all of the seat numbers so that when I added my husband's reservation I could get him a seat next to me. 4. I paid for everything and got a confirmation e-mail immediately. My Visa card was charged: $244.50 5. Despite the fact that I could smell my lasagna overcooking, I, that split second, went right back to the e-mail and clicked the Albuquerque to Philadelphia link that still said $204.00 and clicked the link for the same exact flight that departed from Albuquerque and would arrive in Dallas for a stopover. I then went to select the flight home and it was GONE. The list of return flights was now abbreviated, despite that flight not being booked more than 25%, according to the seating chart that I just used to select my seats. 6. I called 888-Travelocity again and went through the prompts again and finally got to speak to a live contact who spoke very broken English, named Derrick. He couldn't understand what I was saying and I couldn't understand what he was saying. Isn't it bad enough that I chose to live in Albuquerque and I have to spell the name of this city over and over again in the best of circumstances? Try doing it to someone who just doesn't understand English. "A, as in apple, L as in Larry, B, as in Boy........" I explained to Derrick that through NO FAULT of my own, I couldn't book 2 seats and now the flight has vanished on the $204.00 fare list and was now listed much higher. I told him I was having trouble with the website and it wasn't anything that I did wrong. He told me that it would cost me $25.00 to get his help and then the $244.50 airfare that I just booked was now, 10 minutes later, $295.50, a difference of $51.00. He then said that he would waive the $25.00 cost of using the telephone to report a discrepancy on the website and I would only have to pay $270.50. My husband told me to just go ahead and pay the higher rate. I asked him to run downstairs and turn the oven off so that our dinner wouldn't burn. I went through the annoying process of conveying my address, etc. to the person who couldn't understand my speaking English. I actually had to get a pen and a post-it-note out so that I could spell everything out so that I could spell the words out for him. "Valletta Street....V, as in Victor, E as in Echo......" I can't tell you how annoying I found this to be. Luckily, my husband was able to get the seat next to me on all four plane rides. Had Travelocity told me in advance that the fare that was sent to me was only good for 1 ticket and then the flight was going to completely vaporize off the list, I would not have booked with your service. I wanted to just cancel my ticket and not deal with your company, yet that ticket is not refundable. I am annoyed that a ticket purchased at 6:36 PM, according to the time on my confirmation e-mail, was less than the ticket confirmed at 7:01 PM, according to the second e-mail. It clearly states on your website that you will honor any lower fare found within 24 hours of booking a flight and include a $50.00 voucher for a future flight. I could care less about the $50.00, yet I would expect you to honor the same fare on the same day that was booked from the same e-mail-back to back. The fact of the matter is that you don't have to honor that fare, according to your low fare guarantee, because that entire flight disappeared from your list, despite there being lots of seats left on that flight. I have the seats that I wanted and they are two different prices. I accept this fact. You just lost two really good customers. I am going to my daughter's wedding and I intend to tell everyone on our guest list not to use Travelocity because they send an e-mail with low fares and within 4 minutes those fares and some of the flights vanish, so forget about two people flying together at the same listed fares. Thank you for hearing me out.
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Travelocity Flight Booking