Scottsdale, Arizona
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Just because you're buy travel insurance doesn't mean your flight will be reimbursed, only hotel will be reimbursed if you cancel.

Out of $733 flight package, only $64 hotel was reimbursed. You have to be dying to get reimbursed for the rest. Travel insurance cost $80 for two people, and the hotel reimbursement was $64.00. I might as well not have bought insurance for that much money.

You have to have a doctor letter if you are ill to prove you are ill. You cannot cancel for any other reason, whether you want to change the dates, etc. You have to be on your death bed before they will reimburse you. Customer service is the worst. No one was friendly after talking with travelocity. They won't budge!!

Don't use Travelocity, they are rip-offs!!

Monetary Loss: $670.

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Correct, Travelocity insurance is a gigantic rip off. The fine print gets you and ultimately they make you jump through hoops to get reimbursement for the trip.

Don't use Travelocity! They are deceptive as ***.


I had to make a change to my flight. They charged out the wazzo for the change, then never updated my itinerary.

To add insult they charge me for insurance without my permission and wouldn't refund the money.

They opt out policy on insurance is rediculous. Don't use Travelocity any more.


Anyone have the same experience?

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