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While traveling in Viginia, I mistakenly booked a hotel online in Richmond, rather than Roanoke, Virginia, I immediately realized my error. I called Travelocity within 2 minutes to cancel, or transfer the reservation. The man I spoke to refused to help me, and refused to let me speak to a superior. Instead, he kept me on hold until my cell phone battery wore out. Follow up emails and phone calls were met with more robotic answers--at no point was I ever spoken to as a real human being.

I have used Travelocity many times in the past, but never had to deal with customer service. As their product is no different from any other online travel site, and the prices are almost always identical among their competitors, all we have to differentiate one from the other is service. Travelocity did unimaginably poorly in this regard, so I would recommend using any other service over them. I am hugely disappointed.

Monetary Loss: $125.

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