my husband and i bought 2 international tickets from travelocity on march 2008 for our trip in december 2008. its november now and since we bought the tickets we received 5 emails from them changing our flight schedules.

we are supposed to leave in 3 weeks so i called travelocity to re confirm our itenerary, only to find out that this time, me and my husband are on different flights and different dates. i tried to explain myself to the agent, who hardly understands english, that it cant be cuz we purchased it together. anyway, he gave me what i wanted over the phone and emailed me a totally different itenerary. so i called back again, after spending 3 hours with the agent on the phone, he said that he already talked to the airline and they will change our flight schedule, but since the la office is closed i would have to call back the next day to confirm and issue ticket.

the agent said he noted down everything so i need not have to explain myself when i call the next day. he assured me that the agent will know when i call and it'll be quick and easy. so i call the next day, and spent 2 hours again on the phone because i had to explain everything again to the agent. she then said that everything is now ok and that i will receive a call from them within 42 hours and an email.

after 72 hours of nothing, i called them again and explained myself again... it was a cycle up to now my flight is not fixed.

so please spare yourself, dont use travelocity. it is not worth it!

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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