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I booked a ticket on travelocity and I got two emails from them saying my confirmation was not ticketed and my credit card was declined. Well I'm thinking now that I didn't got the ticket, so I decided to look elsewhere.

The day before I was suppose to travel I got a call from Travelocity reminding me of the flight the next day, I told them this can't be possible I booked since last week and I received an email saying it was not confirmed and how can I travel when I didn't receive any conformation itinerary then they told me it is a paper ticket I ask about how long it would take to be delivered to me some say 14 days some say 2 business days or they say if I don't received it in time I will have to fill out a lost ticket form, well after talking with the agents and the supervisors I see there was no way I'd get out of this, so I decided to change the ticket and pay the 150 and the additional 39.99 for the paper ticket, . Ok all that done that was my first mistake, I call travelocity to make the arrangements to change my ticket they say all i have to pay the change fees, I said ok, the next day someone from Travelocity contacted me about paying the change fees then he said i now have to pay 9 hundred more on my ticket.

Then I ask about canceling he told me if i cancel I would lose all my money toward my ticket . Please people don't use Travelocity I hope you understand what I typed.

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I have been paying my yearly fee in order to some day use all my reward points. Well, I guess I don't have it as bad as other notes I've been reading about travelocity because it sounds like they have been getting ripped off from a whole lot more money.

My problem is simple, they can't,won't,let me use my points. what a rip off. I can't wait to get rid of the card and warn people about them.

STAY away. Oh this is about 500.00 worth of points.

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