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This is a copy of the e-mail I sent to Travelocity last night:

Dear Travelocity:

I am completely frustrated and furious with your service. I signed up for fare alerts in my e-mail and I received one this evening. This going to be a long e-mail and I will do my best to break this whole charade down for you point by point.

1. I received the e-mail fare alert and clicked on the $204.00 link on the e-mail that said "Albuquerque to Philadelphia" and saw wonderful prices and decided to sign up. I went through the selection process and found absolutely NOWHERE to make the reservation for two tickets, as needed. I tried backing out and coming back in, to no avail. I even tried entering the site and just going through the process that way. The prices were higher that way, which is fine. I then went back to the e-mail and clicked on the link again and tried again to buy two tickets. I got frustrated and called the 888-Travelocity phone number and went through the tedious prompts to try to get to a live customer support representative only to get a recording that said that I would be charged $25.00 for using the telephone service. I hung up without speaking to anyone.

2. I spoke to my husband and decided to book the tickets one at a time. I entered my information and chose:

a. A flight from Albuquerque to Philadelphia

b. There is a stopover in Dallas

c. A return flight from Philadelphia to Albuquerque

d. There is a stopover in Dallas

3. I chose my seats, all four of them and saw plenty of other seats. I wrote down all of the seat numbers so that when I added my husband's reservation I could get him a seat next to me.

4. I paid for everything and got a confirmation e-mail immediately. My Visa card was charged:


5. Despite the fact that I could smell my lasagna overcooking, I, that split second, went right back to the e-mail and clicked the Albuquerque to Philadelphia link that still said $204.00 and clicked the link for the same exact flight that departed from Albuquerque and would arrive in Dallas for a stopover. I then went to select the flight home and it was GONE. The list of return flights was now abbreviated, despite that flight not being booked more than 25%, according to the seating chart that I just used to select my seats.

6. I called 888-Travelocity again and went through the prompts again and finally got to speak to a live contact who spoke very broken English, named Derrick. He couldn't understand what I was saying and I couldn't understand what he was saying. Isn't it bad enough that I chose to live in Albuquerque and I have to spell the name of this city over and over again in the best of circumstances? Try doing it to someone who just doesn't understand English. "A, as in apple, L as in Larry, B, as in Boy........" I explained to Derrick that through NO FAULT of my own, I couldn't book 2 seats and now the flight has vanished on the $204.00 fare list and was now listed much higher. I told him I was having trouble with the website and it wasn't anything that I did wrong. He told me that it would cost me $25.00 to get his help and then the $244.50 airfare that I just booked was now, 10 minutes later, $295.50, a difference of $51.00. He then said that he would waive the $25.00 cost of using the telephone to report a discrepancy on the website and I would only have to pay $270.50. My husband told me to just go ahead and pay the higher rate. I asked him to run downstairs and turn the oven off so that our dinner wouldn't burn. I went through the annoying process of conveying my address, etc. to the person who couldn't understand my speaking English. I actually had to get a pen and a post-it-note out so that I could spell everything out so that I could spell the words out for him. "Valletta Street....V, as in Victor, E as in Echo......" I can't tell you how annoying I found this to be. Luckily, my husband was able to get the seat next to me on all four plane rides.

Had Travelocity told me in advance that the fare that was sent to me was only good for 1 ticket and then the flight was going to completely vaporize off the list, I would not have booked with your service. I wanted to just cancel my ticket and not deal with your company, yet that ticket is not refundable. I am annoyed that a ticket purchased at 6:36 PM, according to the time on my confirmation e-mail, was less than the ticket confirmed at 7:01 PM, according to the second e-mail. It clearly states on your website that you will honor any lower fare found within 24 hours of booking a flight and include a $50.00 voucher for a future flight. I could care less about the $50.00, yet I would expect you to honor the same fare on the same day that was booked from the same e-mail-back to back. The fact of the matter is that you don't have to honor that fare, according to your low fare guarantee, because that entire flight disappeared from your list, despite there being lots of seats left on that flight.

I have the seats that I wanted and they are two different prices. I accept this fact. You just lost two really good customers. I am going to my daughter's wedding and I intend to tell everyone on our guest list not to use Travelocity because they send an e-mail with low fares and within 4 minutes those fares and some of the flights vanish, so forget about two people flying together at the same listed fares. Thank you for hearing me out.

Review about: Travelocity Flight Booking.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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