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My fiance was in South Carolina for Basic Training and Drill during Summer 2007 and his father, younger sister and I decided to visit him! The first time I flew out (with his mother and her boyfriend) I booked with Expedia (who did FABULOUS!) and after checking both Expedia and Travelocity I decided Travelocity had the better deal.

So I booked the tickets and we counted down the days till we got to see him... The day before we were scheduled to fly out his father had a medical emergency that required immediate surgery and NO flying for at least 3 weeks (unless he wanted to lose his eyesight... Uh, no.)

Called Travelocity to tell them of the issue and to reschedule tickets. I was told that because it was a medical emergency that I would have to pay $400 to reschedule the tickets, but I would receive my money back after doing some paperwork. Ok, sounds good to me! Rescheduled the tickets, waited the 3 weeks, and saw my fiance.

After we returned I called Travelocity about receiving my $400 back, and I got the run around from person to person (which I had a hard time understanding most of them!) and I was finally told that I needed to fax them in writing what happened, doctors notes and that they would call me within a week after the decision was made.

WHAT DECISION?? I was told I would get $400 back, and as a college student $400 is a LOT!

Waited 6 weeks and still no call, so I called them. They had lost my paperwork or it had gotten misplaced, so finally they put it through. I received an email the next day saying they would not refund my $400 because it is Delta Airlines (the people we flew with) who had said no. So I called Delta... They said take it up with Travelocity.

I am NEVER using Travelocity again.

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