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The people there cannot do anything right. 2 incidents:

1) I booked a motel room thru travelocity on memorial day weekend and when I got to the motel...the owner said travelocity made a miskate to use a lower rate that is usable only valid during off peak seasons and the motel was not enrolled in travelocity's traditional program (when people prepay on travelocity, they take their cut then remits the diff to the hotel). It cause a big mess...the owner wanted me to pay again at the motel but I told them I already pd travelocity...so I had to spent time calling travelocity to straigten it out.

2)I booked a cruise with them and called to change the credit card where the final pmt hit..they said ok done. The pmt came of the orginal card. I called, they said there's no record of change and the final pmt hit on the orignal card by auto pay. They can't even do a simple thing like that right.

I HIGHLY don't recommend Travelocity.

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:( First of all I made a reservation with travelocity and its been an on going nightmare... Booked the trip and was double charged..after they took the credit card we were double charged,, told us we had no returning flight and to contact them 24 hours later,, finally after a 4 hour call back of being hung up on, not good English, and speaking to 2 supervisors, doing a 4 way call with my banker to reverse the charges, its still not a completed flight, so now we have booked rooms, no outgoing flight and who knows what else...

They don't speak fluent english, hang up on you, put you on hold, take your money without completing the reservation, call you back maybe, you have to demand a supervisor, say they will call you back and some of them don't...Definitely a bad company to deal with.. Between both of us we have spent 6 hours talking to them and is still not done....

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