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Overcharges for changing non-refundable airline tickets!I bought a cheap airline ticket at Travelocity. I knew they would not refund my money, but when I tried to CHANGE my trip to another time, they told me it would cost $150 (this is an airline thing) and another $30 for Travelocity. This is after it says "no fee booking" on their web page. I tried ot point this out to the agent (in india) who not only argued with me, but also claimed that if I called the airline direct, they would charge me EVEN MORE to change my reservation (she said it would be $180 or even $200.) She also told me that they had to change my reservation for another date/time--that is, I could not just have a credit to use for future travel.

I hung up and called United Airlines directly. Initially, the customer rep told me to call Travelocity, but when I described my situation (I wanted an open-ended credit), she agreed to help me. So at United, they deducted $150 from my original airfare, and gave me an open-ended credit for future travel with United in the next 12 months. This is all without an extra $30 charge!

So the Travelocity agent lied to me about the airline charging more than them. And I got a better deal with United anyway.

Never talk to Travelocity if you want to change or cancel your plans. Call the airline direct!

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I wish I would have know this when I was trying to cancel my flights because of a death in our faimly. I called to cancel and they never canceled the fight and then told me it was my fault that they did not cancel the flight. I will never use them again

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