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After you fill out there price guarantee form which after you hit send just cuts off half the page and doesnt confirm it was recieved, you then have to wait weeks and make numerous phone calls to a non existant customer service dept and wait longer for them to send an email stating that you dont qualify for the price guarantee which by now theres no proof left anyway. Then after talking to a supervisor they give you a $50 voucher which i used for my hotel in florida and when i got there my room was wrong and i had to fight for an hour with Travelocity before the hotel fixed the problems themselves with no help from travelocity just aggravation.

I recommend not using this site I would be shocked if they ever payed on a price guarantee.

They are now 2 for 2 in failing on the guarantees but never again for me. Good luck to the ones that use them

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Travelocity did not honor my price guaranteed refund of $285.70, nor did they take the time to communicate this dishonor to me for over three months. I found lower prices for my departure/return flights in October, took and sent screen shots of the lower tickets found for my exact same flights, airlines and flight times, and invoked the price guarantee as advertised on Travelocity's website.

I received two auto-generated responses via email to my price guarantee invocation requests, encouraging and informing me to look for my refund 30 days after my completed flights. Great, my wife and I thought. We'd been recommending Travelocity to all of our friends ever since. However, yesterday, I wrote to request a follow-up from the company because I'd heard nothing from Travelocity since the auto-generated responses sent in October, but I only received another generic response, this time from a Sandy T, stating that I was supposed to submit a claim within 24 hours of my having booked the flight for the price guarantee to take effect.

How is this a price guarantee? Where was this supposed information when I first invoked my claim?

We will certainly stop making recommendations for Travelocity now, and will be sure to spread the word about Travelocity's misleading advertisement, and the obvious injustice done us here.

I filed a claim against Travelocity today at the Better Business Bureau to request justice, a company apology, and a refund of $285.70 for satisfaction.

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