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We just used Travelocity to book a flight home for Christmas. We were falsely charged at least six times for a total excess of $1,690. We first used a debit card and then at their request switched to a credit card. They claimed our debit card wasn't working - but obviously it was working just fine for the swipe happy scamming *** using it.

We are trying to get them to fax a letter to our bank manager declaring the six (so far) bogus charges so that our bank can undo the overdraft charges upon overdraft charges that will accrue on the debit card without that letter. So far Travelocity denies responsibility, and then promises to undo part of it within an hour, but won't follow through. Customer service is truly a nightmare I wish I could wake up from.

Our bank manager said he was scammed just like this twice through Travelocity, and then switched to Expedia and the same thing happened again. He won't deal with travel agencies anymore and I can say we won't either. Looks like this is common practice.

Monetary Loss: $2073.

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guess that proves never use a debit card on line.

We have had much cooperation with Citicard dealing with on line merchants where we could not obtain credit for bogus charges. Citicard took care of us

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