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So I tried to book a flight on travelocity. It said It had trouble processing my credit card. I checked online my funds were sufficient. I also called up my bank and my funds were sufficient. My bank ensured me it was nothing on their end. But they noticed travelocity charged my account 4 times for a $7 dollar fee, which should only be charged once.

So I decide to call Travelocity. They said it would be another $25 dollar charge to book the trip over the phone. I will never use travelocity again.

They are just terrible. Travelocity Sucks.

Travelocity Booking Sucks. Travelocity is terrible.

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Reserved a hotel through Travelocity 4 months in advance and few days after reservation, found out the hotel was too far from the event and airport, so we tried to cancell reservation (still 4 monnths in advanced), but would soon find out the fee would exceed $400+. Travelocity is a ripoff and should be brought to justice for fruad. This company has to be the BIGGEST SCAM known.


Thank You Travelocity, just returned from Arizona and everything was just great aand went off without a hitch. Of course I booked everything myself, my last trip to Mexico which you did was totally screwed up and you did squat to fix it.

I did not use your site to explore my trip since everytime someone looks at it, it counts as a hit and you use for advertisers to get income. So to all readers use any other site to info and book yourself. This trip was great since I actually spoke to someone prior to book who was in the United States and knew where Sedona was.

Instead of someone named BILL who was sitting in room in Calcutta. With this lousy economy I hope travelocity joins the ranks of going out of business, it only put people from India out of work and get rid of a bad business.

San Martino Dall' Argine, Lombardy, Italy #36268

Ya, Travelocity Sucks. I hate them

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