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Travelocity hurts so many people's trip, money, time, and business. They sbould not exist in the market any more.

In case more people are hurted and cheated by them. They lure travelers and put them in the trouble;they do not take any responsibility;they have million mistakes one day;they are cold and tough to their customer who is thousands miles away because they think that you are only a person whom they will never meet in their entire life.

I feel they hate me and thier indifferent voice. They seem quite uesd to complain from customers and their "Sorry" are never real.

I have to admit this awlful company makes me rethink about the service from oversea

Monetary Loss: $760.

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Agree, completely. This is all enough complaints for a class action lawsuit.

Travelocity on the Hotel Deal which is the top secret one, pretty much leaves you high snd dry after the deduction in your credit card, the hotel booked was $155, in average the others were about $45-$66 so I pushed through the $155 to gey a more top of the line hotel, and took my chances. Well, o boy! Was I pissed off when Secret Revealed ot was Holiday Inn!! It was a complete dump!

I expected a pretty cottage in my selected location on wine country, Solvang. C.A. instead I got this dump where the main picture was the vending machines, woopee coca cola. So I assume the $55 hotels are those cheap ones prostitutes go to do there business?

And rats crawling everywhere?

Dont do business with them. Its not worth it do your reaseach.


Travelocity is one of the worst companies that I've ever had the displeasure of working with. They recently cancelled my confirmed reservation leaving me stranded at the airport ticketcounter with bags in hand.

Appears that they thought my credit card was used by someone else because I put my cellphone number down to immediate contact info when making my reservation instead of my home phone (billing number). But they were nice enough to send me an email at 4am the same day of travel advising me of the cancellation....I guess I should have checked my email at 4am before heading to the airport for an early morning flight. And to make matters worse, all seats were sold out and I was unable to travel until the next day.

Never again will I use Travelocity. NEVER.


Amen! They just tried to charge me $900 to change a ticket.

It would be cheaper to book a new flight, INCLUDING what I already paid!!!! I'm calling the BBB tomorrow and I suggest you do the same.

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