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I was reserving a flight+car package online. When all was chosen, I logged in, completed the information and was ready to pay. Then I visited a few other websites to make sure before the purchase. When I came back, my log in had expired so I was asked to log in again. The website gave an error that it can not continue/find what I was working on. But on my account, under my trips I could see an itinerary number as un-booked. If I selected to complete it, I would get an unknown error.

I started booking again and selecting the flights, the price had gone up! On checkout, it would not accept my log in at all. I tried as a guest and that would not work either. I could see a second itinerary number added under my un-booked trips but the error would not allow me to view or complete it.

I called customer service. The first person was absolutely no help. After taking for about 10 minutes she transferred me to another who seemed as if he was from another planet. I could not hear or understand him despite trying very patiently. Then he said loudly are you on expedia?!! His questions made no sense at all. I left the call and went to bed angrily. The next morning I erased all of the Internet history and cache on my computer (at an attempt to solve the problem) and tried again. The price had hiked up even higher and a different error message on checkout-login: bad gateway.

Called customer service. None of the two representatives attempted to escalate my request as to not loose more money or give me the lower price that I had attempted originally. I was loosing money and my patience with them and they were fumbling, taking their time saying that there is nothing they can do except try to book for me and there is no guarantee regarding what kind of price they get. The first rep said that she does not have the ability to book a car+flight package and should do them separately for me which would mot likely be more expensive. (Even more helpless than myself!) She then transferred me to a package representative. He asked my info and verified the account then spent around 13 minutes saying I am trying to "understand" the account and receive a "solution". I told him the price will go even higher if I waited on him, he said he understands. Then he asked for my email address to verify the account. After two minutes, he came back on the line for my email address. I told him that I had just given to him and that I wanted to speak to a manager. He said that I should be patient as he is trying to reach a solution for my account. Then he said he wants to know my "hotel" information "again"!! I told him that from the beginning I told him that my reservation was for a flight and a car, with no hotel and that I needed to speak with a manager. He replied that he had been trained for hotel reservations, and he was not trained for flight+car packages. He asked to transfer me to a person with flight+car training. I angrily agreed. He put me on hold for five seconds then hung up!!!

Monetary Loss: $260.

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