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I booked a free flight using flexperks miles on US Bank's website. The airline changed my flight days and never told me.

I found out through one ticket booked by Orbitz. When I found out, Orbitz changed my reservation within 5 minutes. It is now 10 days later dealing with Travelocity's Indian offices. They are incompetent, don't do what they say will do.

I've called them at least 12 times trying to deal with this. They kept telling me the airline was closed so they couldn't get through to them. A major airline is not closed 24 hours a day. They said they would assign a team to fix the problem and call me within 3 days...

they never called me back. I had to give the supervisor in India the telephone numbers to the airline.... he said he would fix it and call me back... her never called me back.

He said he worked until 5:30 p.m.... I call at 4:30 pm and they say there is no supervisor for another 3 hours. Travelocity does not care about their customers. I have a ticket I cannot use because of changed dates (connections no longer work) but they refuse to help me.

It is like they are playing a game to see who will give in first. I will never make another reservation with Travelocity.

I will use my flexperk miles (if I can get them back) for something else. I may even cancel my USBank card that is linked to this terrible company.

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once the Airline TAKES over the Ticket meaning making any CHANGES to DATES , TIMES ETC Travelocity no longer has control of the ticket. Also when you are speaking to an agent in India you can always ask to speak to someone in the U.S !


I'm dealing with a very similar problem. Travelocity is not handling a connection change caused by American - Alitalia.

Travelocity twice told me they were going to call me back within 48-72 hours.

They never called or sent and e-mail, and I've called 5 times. Tell everyone you know to use EXPEDIA, ORBITZ, or go directly to an airline.

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