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I had booked a flight+hotel package for $1250 for my boss. I'm an event & travel coordinator for a record label so I deal with literally every type of travel site and situation imaginable.

When my boss needed to change his departing flight to an early morning flight last minute I called travelocity. Unlike most of their competitors travelocity does not have an option on their website for you to change to cancel the reservation yourself. Also unlike many of their competitors, when their customer service call volume is high they don't offer an option to call you back when its your place in line.I ended up on hold for 45 minutes, I then tried calling on another line for another 20 minutes. I never could get an answer even though their website says their customer service is 25 hrs/7 days a week.

Due to the urgency in the matter I ended up having to just buy him a one way on another airlines. With any other bulk travel company like orbitz or expedia, and especially with any airline this matter would have resulted in a 5 minute phone call and $150 change fee. Instead when I finally did get through to travelocity (and up to a supervisor) they told me we were just out of luck. When we tried to change the flight, were willing to pay a change fee and were unable to solely because of their incompetent and inadequate customer service.

That's robbery. I will never use them again. Their rates are no better than other companies and that's the worst customer service I've EVER dealt with for any travel needs. Travel isn't difficult.

I spent a total of about 2 hours on the phone trying to resolve this issue and spoke with multiple employees, no one could do anything and one even tried to tell me they had no unanswered phone calls in customer service that morning. Well I have the screen shot posted below.They did eventually give me credits for ONE of the flights but that was after hard fighting on my end and threatening to report them to the BBB when they initially told me that was money down the drain. I still had to pay a $40 travelocity fee to make the change, $150 airline change, and let's not forget the one way I had to buy while trying to get through to them for $321. So that's $471 in addition to the original $1250.


Southwest it wouldn't have cost a thing and they offer hotel+flight packages as well. And any other airline would have just been $150.

Monetary Loss: $471.

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